More about us

We've been handcrafting custom rice jewelry for over 20 years but our prices and quality have remain the same, which is unheard of for any industry.  We began our business from a kiosk at the mall. As prices rose, we shifted to online through eBay to keep with demand without raising our prices. Unfortunately eBay's costs rose as well so we decided to launch our own site and take this into the future. For those more comfortable with the established Ebay page feel free to purchase there.

Rice has long been a symbol of prosperity and good health. In a time where everything is machine made, we find even more value in handcrafted, personalized jewelry. Our customers can design how they want their charms without any added fees.

Please note shipments are made with re-purposed packaging to be environmentally friendly and to keep costs low and pass savings to you. 

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